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Laptop Adapter

Looking for a laptop charger? Find a safe solution at batteriedeportable.com. A specialist of charger for computer and camcorder, we also have a wide range of computer accessories. Our catalog reference pieces for all the biggest brands. We guarantee you the optimum lifespan and quality you can get to the best price. Click and just select all the products you need.

laptop charger : to work without interruption

A laptop charger allows you to work without interruption, just plug it into the appropriate outlet and keep going without the need to use the battery. Universal adapter, compatible with all laptop major brands, are available on the market. Nevertheless, you must choose the charger that meets your laptop technical specifications. You will find on our store a laptop charger that corresponds to your laptop brand and model. Before buying, please ensure you check the technology, capacity and maximum supported voltage. The CE norm is a guarantee of safety and reliability that complies with current regulations and will not damage your device.

Phone adapter : discover the shop warranties

There is a one-year warranty for phone battery adapter sold on batshop.com. If the item is a generic product, then its specifications must fully meet the standards set by your phone manufacturer. There may be a one unit of voltage (1 V) difference between the original and alternative chargers, but that does not alter the performance or reliability in any way or form. Please ensure that the phone charger comes with cables for the device and the electrical outlet. Our store specializes in selling phone adapters that are compatible with the leading brands on the market.

Laptop adapter : you have 3 possibilites

Do you need a laptop charger? Our online store offers chargers that are 100% compatible and of the same power as your original laptop charger. However, the universal adapter with automatic or manual voltage is also a very interesting alternative. Supplied with connectors, it can be connected to several laptops at the same time. We suggest that you select a adapter with a higher power (90 W / 4.74 A instead of 60 W / 3.95 A) to prevent overheating and ensures a much longer lifespan for the adapter while improving your computer’s performance.

Before placing your order, it is imperative that you read the technical manual for your computer and specifically checks the power specification for the corresponding charger (90 W / 4.74 A or 60 W / 3.95 A). If you opt for a universal adapter, then its power should be similar or higher that your original charger’s power.

In order to prevent ordering errors, we strongly recommend that you cross check the information written on your charger’s product label to the corresponding information listed on our product page. For laptop chargers, it is also very important to diameter of the connector that goes into the computer.

To avoid any ordering errors we advise you to check the references written on your charger correspond to the references listed on our product page. For computer chargers it is very important to check the diameter of the connector (plug that goes into the computer).

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