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Tips to avoid breaking your laptop battery

Cycles and charge rate with heat are the most important factors in determining the wear and tear on your laptop\'s battery. Here is what you should do

At the beginning Laptop batteries are working extremely well – High quality models offer up to 10 hours of battery life, or even more in some cases - but they can get bad very quickly. After a year, the battery life decreases dramatically and in some cases can be reduced by half.

It depends mostly on how you use your laptop and how you treat the battery. As with the smartphones, there are many things you can do to avoid damaging your laptop battery and thus preserve its battery life and lifespan. One of the most effective tips in this case is the management of the charge and discharge cycles: each battery has a limited number of charge cycles (generally between 800 and 1000), beyond which it will not be able to fully charge anymore. Knowing whether it is recommended or not to keep the battery charged while using the laptop or if it is better to remove the battery while the device is plugged in can make the difference

Charge cycle management

Good management of the charge and discharge cycles of your battery will allow you to extend its lifespan and prevent it from being considerably reduced after only a few months of use. Various studies on the subject have shown - notably that of Battery University - a lithium-ion battery should never be fully charged or discharged. Recharging to 100% will reduce the life cycles of the battery, while limiting the charge to 80-90% will optimize everything, may double (or almost) the life of the battery.

Battery charging

Heat destroys batteries

Heat is one of the main causes of degradation and short battery life. Temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius cause the chemical bonds between lithium ions to deteriorate and break rapidly, which limits the charging capacity of the battery. However, heat generation is also one of the \"side effects\" of battery charging: the longer the batteries are charged, the greater the risk of reducing their lifespan. If the battery temperature were to stay above 40 degrees Celsius for three months - to give you an example - it is estimated that it would lose around 35% of its storage capacity (and therefore of its autonomy).

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